Merry Christmas!

DSC02986Day started with sunshine and in the late afternoon evening we finally got a white Christmas! 🙂

DSC03017Been a good day, celebrating with son and my Mom. Eating good food, opening presents, watching Disney on tv – and later on I watched a Christmas movie as well. A very simple celebration but that is what we like!

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


Almost Christmas

And it is raining outside?! I do not think we’ll get a white Christmas this year! I am not much for snow usually but around the holidays I do want some as it adds to that Christmas spirit. About that spirit… this year I haven’t really got the feeling at all. By this time I usually have all the Christmas cleaning done. Decorations, tree and curtains would be up, but so far the only thing that is up is the candles in the windows and the candles that I lit every Advent.

I really need to kick my butt and get myself going. Also still have a few Christmas gifts to buy. As it is only me, my son and my Mom that celebrate Christmas together, we do not buy many gifts, but still I am behind there as well.

At least I have sent out all the Christmas cards! That is a tradition I want to keep! It is so much more fun to get a real card than an online one. A few of my friends do send through the email.