In the middle of the night ramblings…

So another sleepless night… Sometimes it is just too hard to to shut down all the thoughts. So here I am back on the computer! Probably would have been better if I had not turned it on, but instead maybe have read my book, but oh well.

Last couple of days has been so mild. All the snow, except for some snow heaps were gone, and now when I looked out the window it is white again! Must have started to snow in the evening sometime. Shouldn’t be surprised as it is after all only February. But I guess for some reason I thought it wouldn’t snow again, just yet lol.

Been watching so much videos about art on youtube. Mostly about art journals, but also some other kind of art videos. Myself, I haven’t done any painting or art journaling for a little while again. Maybe I have watched too much videos so that I now feel like I can not do anything good and almost feel scared to do “wrong” when I have my blank page or canvas in front of me. Do not want to ruin it. I know it is just silly to think like that. Just have to get started, jump in to it, so to speak! Here’s one I did a while ago that I actually kind of like lol


Now to something that’s been bothering me a while. I really want and need to lose some weight. But why is it so hard for me to change my eating habits? It’s very frustrating! I feel like I have started to eat and drink more junk instead of the opposite… And I haven’t been on my threadmill for months! Am soooo annoyed on myself! I know I would feel better if I lost some, but just can not get myself started. I DO have motivation, or at least that’s what I thought!? I want to be healthy and I think also it will help to get back some energy.

A friend of mine wrote on her FaceBook that she had lost 15 kilo in one month! She only drink them special kind of diet drinks and do not eat much of real food. Now THAT I would never do! I do not believe in losing that much in such a short time. It is better to lose a little under a longer time. At least that is my belief that it must be better. And I think I also have read it sometime, that if you lose weight fast, you pretty soon gain it back, plus some more. It’s exactly 3 in the morning now. And I am still wide awake lol. At least I wrote a blog post again. Been a while since I was rambling.