In the middle of the night ramblings…

So another sleepless night… Sometimes it is just too hard to to shut down all the thoughts. So here I am back on the computer! Probably would have been better if I had not turned it on, but instead maybe have read my book, but oh well.

Last couple of days has been so mild. All the snow, except for some snow heaps were gone, and now when I looked out the window it is white again! Must have started to snow in the evening sometime. Shouldn’t be surprised as it is after all only February. But I guess for some reason I thought it wouldn’t snow again, just yet lol.

Been watching so much videos about art on youtube. Mostly about art journals, but also some other kind of art videos. Myself, I haven’t done any painting or art journaling for a little while again. Maybe I have watched too much videos so that I now feel like I can not do anything good and almost feel scared to do “wrong” when I have my blank page or canvas in front of me. Do not want to ruin it. I know it is just silly to think like that. Just have to get started, jump in to it, so to speak! Here’s one I did a while ago that I actually kind of like lol


Now to something that’s been bothering me a while. I really want and need to lose some weight. But why is it so hard for me to change my eating habits? It’s very frustrating! I feel like I have started to eat and drink more junk instead of the opposite… And I haven’t been on my threadmill for months! Am soooo annoyed on myself! I know I would feel better if I lost some, but just can not get myself started. I DO have motivation, or at least that’s what I thought!? I want to be healthy and I think also it will help to get back some energy.

A friend of mine wrote on her FaceBook that she had lost 15 kilo in one month! She only drink them special kind of diet drinks and do not eat much of real food. Now THAT I would never do! I do not believe in losing that much in such a short time. It is better to lose a little under a longer time. At least that is my belief that it must be better. And I think I also have read it sometime, that if you lose weight fast, you pretty soon gain it back, plus some more. It’s exactly 3 in the morning now. And I am still wide awake lol. At least I wrote a blog post again. Been a while since I was rambling.


6 thoughts on “In the middle of the night ramblings…

  1. I love your piece! I have been reading and looking at people that journal not only for art but to process every day life. It might be worth your time to just sit down and let your mind wander every morning and write. Just whatever comes to you. I think our heads go in circles as someone was telling me about themselves and you just go round and round. It might help to get you on the treadmill. Write all the negative stuff. Paint over it and then write all the positive stuff. I never thought but you could write right over the negative with the positive in essence blotting it out!

    Start by just eating a salad before anything else at your main meals. I have been doing that and don’t have room for much more.

    As far as the art. There is no “WRONG” so get going or I’m going to kick your butt. lol Just get note paper and do some sketching every day.

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  2. Thank you Suz! 🙂

    Yes I think so too, that it is easy to just go round and round in circles in our minds.

    It’s interesting what you said about that I should write down all negative stuff and paint over it and write the positive things! I just saw someone do that on a video the day before yesterday! It’s this woman that calls herself “Willowing” on youtube. I love her paintings! And I love her outlook on things! You should check her up if you haven’t already!

    I honestly have got kind of bored of red meat. I hardly eat it anymore, which is good. I prefer chicken or white meat. But I also really love to eat salad. Now I can’t eat many vegetables as I am allergic 😦 BUT there are many yummy things I CAN eat!! I actually ate chicken salad for dinner today… it was soooo yummy lol. It would have been a bit healthier if I had skiped the dressing… LOL

    *ROFL* at kicking my butt! I actually did an art journal page today, and I also did a small painting on canvas. So I did two things today! 😛 The painting I started with, and then I hated it so I painted over it all again lol. It looks better but feels like it is lacking something, so I most likely will continue on that painting.

    When will YOU show something new on your page? 🙂


    1. Hahaha, I will show several things! I didn’t know you wanted to see them. I make myself sit down every day and draw something. Or paint or even just cut up scrap paper. Maybe the ads I get in the mail or something and it takes my mind off things. Sometimes I only spend ten minutes and sometimes I spend an hour on it.

      I have seen Willowing and some of her things. She looks like she may have something that is arthritic with her braces she wears on her hands. She has a wonderful happy personality. She does paid workshops too but I think the are expensive.

      I don’t think red meat is bad for you. In fact I think everything is ok in moderation except for sugar which I have been having a horrible time with because P brings in stuff, and it’s so cold outside I want to hibernate. One of my friends who teaches holistic health says to eat things like avacadoes or peanut butter. Like a nut butter without sugar, just ground peanuts and olive oil and it will satisfy you.. More good fats.

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  3. Of course do I want to see them! It’s fun to see what others come up with! 🙂

    Yes it is easy to get distracted with things on here… and in real life too lol

    Willowing does have some arthritic problems, and yet she always seem to be in such a great mood and still are able to do that pretty art!! Oh I would never pay for any workshops! I always look for free tutorials over at Youtube and I am also on Pinterest and get ideas from just looking at pictures! Do not always need a whole tutorial, sometimes it is fun to see a picture and figure out a way to do something similar! 🙂

    Oh I know, a little red meat is actually good as we need the protein, but I just am kind of tired of it. It’s different when you bbq it LOL then it is really yummy!

    Sugar is BAD, I know I am addicted to it as I have tried soooo many times to quit drinking soda…. only work for a few days then the craving comes back argh!! I do not eat cookies or cakes when I am home. do not crave that at all. I do eat when I am on a birthday party but not much. Also do not eat much sweets. More into popcorn. No butter! Talked myself into that popcorn is the best snack to eat if you got to have any snack lol. But then there’s the salt…

    I used to be able to eat both peanuts and avocado when I were much younger. And I loved both of them! Unfortunately my allergies have got worse the older I get, some things I were able to eat as a child and teenager I no longer can eat. 😦 Used to be able to eat for example strawberries as a child but in my teens I suddenly felt thick in my throat and it was itching all over. Same thing with apples, pears and so on. Only fruit I can eat these days are oranges, banana and pineapple. I also can eat raspberries, love them! Blueberries. It sucks to be allergic as I simply can not eat a lot of things that is healthy!


  4. I had written a comment here, almost as long as the blog post itself and then I lost it. Fy faan. Okay, I’ll start over …

    First off, I like your image there! It’s just as good as any abstract artwork I’ve seen. Be proud.Art [in the way of painting/pictures] is not for me. I’ve come to accept that, and it feels good … relieving! I just won’t bother with it. I am what I am, I’ve accepted that and that’s one less thing to be mad about.

    G. had a friend who had allergies. He’d taken one of those ‘spot tests’ [or whatever they’re called in English], and they’d given him a whole list of stuff he was allergic to. Apparently, he must have learnt that list by heart, and he told us all the things. I kept asking him; “What’s that??” to all the things I didn’t know. Turned out he didn’t either! That happened so many times back home too, way back. People told me they were allergic to “gråbo” and I asked them what it was. They didn’t know. In today’s day and age, with the Internet at their fingertips, I’m sure they’re well informed about their hypersensitivities. I’m allergic to Coca-Cola mixed with booze. I get like an anaphylactic shock. Now, this is not a problem, since I don’t drink booze — even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t mix it with Coke.

    About the losing weight/exercise; Nike had a good slogan: “Just do it!”

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  5. I wonder what happened with that first comment!??? So strange!

    Thank you for the compliment! 🙂

    Gråbo is one of the things I am allergic too and will admit that in the very begining when I heard about my allergies I didn’t know what that was but I simply asked the Doctor and he said what it was.

    I’ve been tested for some things I am pretty sure I am allergic to but it has not been shown on them tests, but I am so called hypersensitive to them things, which maybe are not life threatening but still very uncomfortable when you eat them. Anyway when people ask me if I can eat them things I simply say I am allergic instead of hypersensitive.

    My goodness!! Never heard of that before! Booze and coca cola! My Mom get allergies from red wine!! She can’t breathe if she drink that, but she can drink white wine!

    Yeah, I know… I should just do it! Just have to kick myself in the behind and get started! lol

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