Feeling inspired!

Saw a tutorial on the Coral page about blending, playing around with photos and got inspired to try out something with my PaintShop Pro! Haven’t used it for a while.

Came up with the idea to blend my photos with paintings I have done. Used some scripts and some effects and these are the first two I made, that I think came out pretty well! It is FUN! Will definately do more!!



Finally spring time!

20150310_114528 Been waiting for this time to come a long time! We didn’t have a cold, hard winter this year but for some reason it still felt soooo long. Now snow is gone, sun is shining and flowers coming up! Excuse my lousy photos. I am out of practice with my camera haha. Well, the two first photos is taken with my smartphone. 20150310_115041But this last one is taken with my DSLR camera. SONY DSCI really need to get into getting more photos again. Well I do not HAVE to, but I want to! Can’t believe that after having my camera so many years, there are still things I do not know about it. I do not have to know every single tech stuff about it, but it would be nice to learn some things that maybe would improve my photos.

It’s my birthday…

and I cry if I want to LOL. Nah I am not crying, even though it is no fun to get older. I’m 55 years old today *sigh* lol  Been a very calm and relaxing birthday, been under the weather. But even though if I had been well, I wouldn’t really celebrate. It’s been years since I did. I still do not mind a “Happy Birthday” greeting! 🙂  And I do still get a few gifts, even though I say every year that they do not have to buy me gifts! lol

Anyway, so I didn’t cry 😛  But I have been painting some instead. Some things I have been working on for days and then I did some things that were done in an hour. I got one painting that I do think I will work on some more. Just do not know yet what to do on it. We’ll see! 🙂

One of the gifts I got from my Mom, is two big canvas that I will paint on. But I really have to figure out what to paint on them as they are so big. A landscape? or something abstract maybe.

Here are the things I have done today and lately.

DSC03188This is from my art journal. I did this some days ago.


Another page from my art journal, this one I made today.


This is a mixed media painting I have been re painting 4 times I think LOL, I am ok with it now. I did NOT paint/draw that large bird myself, but I used it as a collage!


And this is the painting that I am still working on… not sure where to go with it, or maybe I should just let it be? That is the big question lol.