Finally spring time!

20150310_114528 Been waiting for this time to come a long time! We didn’t have a cold, hard winter this year but for some reason it still felt soooo long. Now snow is gone, sun is shining and flowers coming up! Excuse my lousy photos. I am out of practice with my camera haha. Well, the two first photos is taken with my smartphone. 20150310_115041But this last one is taken with my DSLR camera. SONY DSCI really need to get into getting more photos again. Well I do not HAVE to, but I want to! Can’t believe that after having my camera so many years, there are still things I do not know about it. I do not have to know every single tech stuff about it, but it would be nice to learn some things that maybe would improve my photos.


5 thoughts on “Finally spring time!

    1. Love them spring flowers as well! It’s so nice to see some COLOR out there!

      I learned some online as well and also from reading the book you get with the camera lol. Oh I have never been to a class…


  1. That’s must be a quite early Spring for you, huh?! Lovely to see those flowers!

    I hope I get some inspiration to take photos later on, right now I don’t have it.

    I learnt the three, four basic functions and that’s all I know. Since I got it 2009, I don’t feel I’ve learnt anything more and I’m not all that sure I even want to. All that tech stuff about the camera is not for me. In one way I could go back to a point & shoot, but on the other hand … now that I know what can be done with the DSLR, that wouldn’t work either šŸ™‚

    I’m just not interested in all that highly technical stuff I see many [guys] talking about in the blogs and forums. I’m happy if I can take a decent duck photo … or blue jay … or squirrel. That’s it! LOL

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  2. Yes indeed an early spring! And I like it! Now I heard we might get rain mixed with snow on Friday! :/ But I know it won’t stick, so it will be a very small step back. I am still enjoying the sunny spring weather šŸ˜€

    Oh believe me, I am not trying to figure out everything about my camera! I wouldn’t remember it anyway ROFL!! No, I just want to remember just a few things, which setting to use when taking evening/night photos. I already forgot what I used on the first try I did LOL. Sure I can always look on that photo and find the info there. But would be nice if I could have a few settings in my head so I wouldn’t have to find out every time. And yeah I too want to take decent photos.

    And I agree with Suz!! You know much more about taking photos!! šŸ™‚


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