Just Thursday blog hop

Celebrating the mundane!

This is a painting I see every morning when I wake up, as it is on the wall next to my bed lol. I have no idea where the painting is from. Just know that it has been in our family for a long time and when I moved out of my parents home I asked to bring it with me.  I love everything about this painting!




I have tried many times to take a good food-picture, but for some reason it all just look awful!!!  LOL  I do not know what I am doing wrong.

Was trying today again to take a photo of our dinner… and it WAS yummy but it looks really… yuk! haha Oh well…


And day 14, the last day…

.. in this blog challenge! And todays challenge is ” A photo of something that means a lot to you “.

Well instead of something… I will pick a photo of someone instead! Cause sure I have some things that are precious to me, but family and friends are so much more important! 🙂

karusellMy son ❤ I think he is around 4 years old on this photo, so it was some years ago lol.

Day 13…

… is here and today’s question is ” My fave books ”

I like to read “easy light” books. I wouldn’t want to read a heavy, depressing book! I want to be entertained and relax when I read a book!

At the moment my fave authors are Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts and Lucy Dillon! I’m actually in the middle of this book right now!


It’s one of them books that I want to keep turning the page to see the next! Well for me it is. I guess it is all about the taste, for someone else this book might be too light lol.

Day 12…

.. and the end of this blog challenge is soon coming to an end…  ” Why do I blog ?”

Well I used to write in diaries when I was a kid and young adult and it is so fun and interesting to go back these days and look what I was doing and how I were feeling! And sometimes I get reminded of things I had forgot!

So this is my online diary! And it’s also a place where I can vent about things, or show off some of my photos and art, if someone is interested to see it is another thing lol But at least it’s there.

It’s also a way for me to stay in contact with friends I have got to know on the net, most of the times through a blog! 🙂


Day 11…

Yes still going on with this blog challenge lol. Today’s question; ” What am I looking forward this summer “.

Well, first of all I am looking forward when son is off his work cause that means vacation time for the both of us! Not that we are going anywhere lol, but just the fact that we do not have to get up early in the mornings and do not have to plan around his working times when we want to do something. So that will be nice.

I am also looking forward for some nice weather, as long as it doesn’t get too hot! Can’t stand hot weather… just makes me feel sick.

Looking forward to take more photos as I have been a bit lazy with my camera. It is more fun to take photos of the nature in summer. I mean all the colors!

Hopefully me and son will get invited to my older sister and her hubby’s summer place by the sea this summer! It’s just lovely out there!