Day one…

of my own little blog Challenge that I will do for 14 days!

And the first challenge ” question ” is, The meaning behind my name – and that is not my REAL name but the name I am using here on the blog.

Daydreamer is a nic/name that I have used many times on the net. I only changed the numbers after the nic. Obviously I got this name in 2011 some time!

It was not hard to come up with this nic as I have always been a daydreamer! 🙂 Here’s proof number one! I am only a toddler here on this photo. In the midst of playing at the playground I suddenly just stand there, looking at my own shadow thinking/daydreaming about something… I wish I could remember what it was! lol

11091171_10153176393374134_2747844858685218520_nNext photo I am an adult, much older. A friend of mine took the photo of me, daydreaming as usual! And no, I am very sorry, it’s still too long ago for me to remember what I was daydreaming/thinking about. 😛

11281_10153045616374134_3263099920758221174_nToday I am 55 years old and yes, I still daydream once in a while! Which is a nice thing to do, as long as you do KNOW it is just daydreams lol. In a way it is kind of relaxing! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Day one…

  1. My mother has several pairs of Bitknesrock sandals left over from when she was a hippie. I don’t mind those at all, it’s the just the closed-toe cloggy ones that bother me. I think I am seriously the only white girl at my school who does not own a pair of those and wear them every day.


  2. I think it's good to tip as part of a more general desire to be a blessing to the businesses around you. We've decided to choose a handful of cafés and restaurants where we've become regulars, so that we can get to know the owners and other regulars. When you're a regular, tipping is noticeable (and, I assume, ap)piceatedr. After all, what else is money for?


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