Day two…

of my little blog challenge. Todays challenge/question is ” what makes me sad ” ?

There are a lot of different things that can make me sad. I am a very emotional person. But just to mention a few things… I get very sad when I hear about others are going through some hard times. Especially animals, children and elderly people. And of course that also goes for any of my friends and family as well!

I get sad when I think about all the things my son won’t experience cause of his severe allergies and his autism.

Sometimes I can get a sad feeling inside and not really know why? I guess those days I am just very tired and stressed out!



5 thoughts on “Day two…

  1. Guess that is true that it is easier to be sad than happy.

    I am not so good at forcing myself to be happy unfortunately… Most of the time I am pretty mellow though 🙂 So it is not like I am being sad here day out and day in LOL


  2. I’m not very upbeat or a happy-go-lucky type of person. I do think that one can force oneself a little if one really puts one’s mind to it.

    Regardless, it’s inevitable that one reacts with sadness to all those things you mentioned … cruelty to animals almost makes me lose my mind.

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