Day three…

… in my blog challenge. Todays question ; What makes me happy?

When I have my big family around me and we all are having a good time, eating good food, laughing and just enjoy spending time!

I got very happy to see my son graduate last year, cause I really didn’t think he would be able to do that! And was I proud too!

When I fell in love I was happy! For a short while lol, as I never had any longer relationships. But it is the best just in the begining when you just have fallen and NOTHING bothers you cause you are on a cloud nine.

Meeting up with friends can also make me happy! 🙂

And there are other little things that makes me happy. It really do not have to be something big. Sometimes the most “simple” things can mean a lot and makes your day big time!



4 thoughts on “Day three…

  1. It’s difficult to separate infatuation from love … that fact has taken me in many strange directions. I used to say that one really should be locked up during that phase, as one isn’t oneself … it’s like a disease LOL

    Anyways, nowadays I too, am very much about the little things! My little blog here, for example…

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