Fourth day…

… of my blog challenge. Talents/skills?

This is a tough one for me… I could ask others what they think of my talents/skills and would get answers but for some reason it is hard for ME to tell if I have any lol.

Honestly I do not know if I have any special talents! I mean, I DO paint and sing but I am no expert in anyway!! So I wouldn’t say that it is a talent and I don’t do anything else really lol I know it is boring but it’s the honest truth!

Oh, is being a good listener a talent? te he.



5 thoughts on “Fourth day…

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  1. Mona, I think it’s in our Swedish genes, not being able to come up with anything good about ourselves. It’s the Law of Jante. I could probably list a hundred negative things about myself, but hardly any positive.

    I agree with Suz about you being a good mom.

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