Day five…

… in my blog challenge. My worst habits. This one is an easy one. Only problem is I could go on and on LOL

So I will just name a few!

I am very good at starting up things… but not so good to continue. For example, last year I bought a threadmill and when it was new I walked every day! Then I got sick, a bad cold, and after that, well it has not been much walking!

Get frustrated when things I do, won’t be perfect! Yep I am harsh on myself!

Get stuck in thoughts in the evenings… that will cause me stress and no sleep!

Keep pushing forward things that should be done… ” I can do it tomorrow…” Well you know how it goes!

Drinking too much soda! Not good when you try to lose weight! And now we are pretty much back to the first thing I wrote here! Cause I have cut down on soda so many times and it works fine for a while and then…. somehow lol I start to drink a little more soda. Hummm….



6 thoughts on “Day five…

  1. Well, this post made me realise at least ONE thing I have that is good [while reading the previous I couldn’t come up with any LOL]: willpower. I can actually make up my mind, when I want to, and say ‘this has to stop’. Like quitting my enormous Coca-Cola consumption. I’ve made up almost like a little schedule in the mornings, when I do certain things, in a certain order and I won’t break that schedule …. Then I feel okay with lounging around the rest of the day 🙂 I do tend to procrastinate going to the laundry room, so I think I need to fit that in some kind of schedule too so it becomes a routine.

    Often I feel tempted to just sell off all the camera equipment and give it all up. I’m in that type of period right now.


    1. Willpower is something I lack big time!!! Can you share some with me??? LOL I sooo wish I could quit my soda consumption as well…. That would help me to lose weight big time! I am sure of it! I do not eat any cookies or buns – only the few times I am at a birthday party or if I am at a café maybe and that doesn’t happen often so.

      Sure I can have some snacks once in a while. But mostly it is pop corn with no butter! I do not eat sweets these days. Maybe a little chocolate once in a while but not often either.

      I understand that feeling of selling off things… but I really really hope you will not do that as I truly enjoy your photos! 🙂 ❤


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