Day Seven…

… in my blog challenge. “Dream job”

Let me first tell you about the past. Like way back to me being a little girl at 6 years old! My Mom told me that someone asked me back then what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer were to be a baker. Not just any baker but I would bake for poor children that had no food. I thought they deserved to have cinnamon buns at least lol.

Then at around 9 or 10 ish I were really into becoming a singer or an actress lol. I even wrote a letter to a record label here in Sweden and asked how you would do to become famous LOLOL And I did get an answer!!! I am so sad cause at some point when we have moved I lost that letter! 😦  It would have been awesome to have that letter as it was from Stikkan Andersson’s office. I do not remember all that stood in that letter and I am not 100% sure if it was himself that had sent that letter but it was his signature. Still would have been a cool thing to have saved.

I guess I have always been fascinated about that actress, singing scene but I have also always been very shy! Plus, I am not naive! I know it is a very tough industry and people come and go. At a younger age I were working with some famous singers though! And got a glimpse of it all! Had access to backstage and stuff like that. I enjoyed that too! 🙂 I should say it was Swedish singers!

Other dream jobs I have had in my mind through the years is working with photos, graphics!

At the moment I do not have any dreams about anything like that. I enjoy being retired. Cause it gets me the time to take care of me and do hobby things instead! 🙂



10 thoughts on “Day Seven…

  1. First off; What a damned shame you lost the letter from Stikkan Andersson!!! How cool wouldn’t that have been, to still have! Tomas Ledin is/was married to his daughter, I believe. Funny, those things we did as kids — I wrote to Jacqueline Kennedy! And got a reply! That was precious.

    The music/entertainment industry is one of the toughest you could ever dream up! At least you got a little taste of it, even if it was only behind the scenes. Great memories to have.

    I guess I had some high-flying dreams too, can’t remember them all. For a short while it was becoming a nurse, but I quickly woke up from that one. Also wanted some kind of job within the diplomacy LOL … I could see myself travelling around the world, working at embassies, drinking cocktails in evening gowns *ROFL*.

    Now?! I would love to work for WordPress … at home.

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    1. Yes I got a bit upset when I realized the letter were lost after moving grrrr. And yes Tomas is married to his daughter.

      I have actually seen Tomas! LOL Were in Stockholm with some friends – this was in the 90,s sometime. And were tired so I sat down on this step outside a portal, and suddenly some guy said “excuse me can I get through” and I looked up and it was Tomas LOL! He must have lived in that house!

      Wow!! J. Kennedy!! I hope you still have that letter!? Can totally understand how precious that must’ve been!

      Yes I do have some great memories 🙂

      Ohhhh now that sound like a cool dream! Now I could actually see you travel around the world but for some reason I can not picture you in an evening gown! Maybe cause I do not think I have ever seen a picture of you in a dress?

      And lastly, that would be such a perfect job for you! Working for WordPress! 🙂

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      1. In my working years, I was dressing very differently from now. It almost felt like being a different person, in those outfits. Both Tomas Ledin and Lena Endre come from a village, not at all far from my hometown.

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      2. Oh I were using dresses much more when I were young! These days I wear jeans most of the times. And at home I use some “jogging pants” Mysbyxor lol It’s very rare these days that I use a dress. If I do, it has to be very long so my legs won’t show…. My legs are ugly! 😦 lol

        Oh cool! I didn’t know that about Tomas and Lena! For some reason I always thought they were both from the Stockholm area!


  2. I wanted to be an artist or a fashion designer. Like make a living from it. I have always hated to sew so I don’t know what I was thinking of. I went to school for hairstyling, cutting, cosmetology. Learned how to give massage and do mani and pedicures. I have always liked what I ended up doing. I enjoyed being around people. I worked in retail right out of school.

    My parents didn’t have the money for college and I didn’t want to take all the things I didn’t like just to get the courses I did like.

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    1. wow! Had no idea! And I hated to sew as well and still do LOL

      Only enjoyed embroidery when I was younger, before the computer! 😛

      I’m glad that you enjoyed what you ended doing! 🙂


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