Day 8…

.. of my blog challenge. “What am I afraid of”.

This post could be very long! As I am afraid of many things, but will make it short lol

First off I will mention a few “silly things” I am afraid of… like wasps, bees, snakes, spiders, thunder storms – well it is the lightning that scares me, darkness…

Now to the more serious stuff. I am afraid to get some serious disease so that I will be really sick. Like cancer, ALS and so on. Of course nobody want to get sick, but I am not only thinking of me. I am thinking of my son as well.

And speaking of him, I am afraid how the future will be for him when I am not there. There’s so much violence in the world today and it’s scary to think it might get worse and worse. He is so sensitive and not so strong. He would be an easy target for those that are tough and maybe are out to abuse and bully.

I’m afraid to lose my memories! I want to remember who I am and what I have been doing in my life, all the way to the end. It would be very sad to lose a whole life in memories. I guess it would be hard for the family too of course.

I’m afraid of the death.

Like I said in the begining, this post could go on and on lol but I will stop here!



10 thoughts on “Day 8…

  1. One thing that you could do, as soon and often as you can, is start to write down all of those memories that you’re afraid you might lose… That way you’ll save them for yourself (and your son) have one less thing to worry about AND have accomplished something really great!: ) Happy Spring!

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  2. I understand about worrying about Timmy. Is there any way you could look into arrangements now? I write everything down any more. To remember. I printed out my whole yahoo blog. I am saving it for my grandson. Thought he might get a kick out of it and when I sit down these days I write down memories of when I was small. Just little things but I had asked my mom to do that and get a big kick out of reading what she wrote now. I am not really afraid of anything. I am not afraid of dying, I have an auto immune disorder which is pretty drastic so I am not afraid as much as overwhelmed sometimes.

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    1. I’m sure I could look into arrangements now, but it would still not ease my worries… not when you see how they are treating elderly and people with special needs these days… so much crap going on and it is like many of them that are supposed to look after and care for elders and others that need extra care, it’s like many, not saying all! But many of them I think shouldn’t work with people at all…

      That is cool! I wish I had done it with my Y360… and Multiply too! But it is all gone…

      Have to remember to print out this blog!

      I’m sorry about your disorder…. can understand that you’re overwhelmed from time to time…


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