Day 9…

… in my blog challenge. ” Where I want to be in 10 years ”

Well I am not sure they mean like where I want to be as a person or which place? lol Maybe both?

Tough question nevertheless.. If I can dream about the place, I would like to be somewhere where I can look out over some kind of water from my window… Always been a dream of mine! But I most likely will be living in the same appartment I live in now, unless something drastic happens so we have to move.

Personally, I sure hope I weigh much less in 10 years, instead of the opposite, gaining more and more! I also hope that I have found more inner peace that I have now. I HAVE worked on myself, trying to let go of a lot of pressure and stress, but it is easier said than done! But hopefully in 10 years I manage that part!

In 10 years I will be retired. REALLY retired. At the moment I have a disability pension.

So to sum it up, in 10 years I hope I live a peaceful, healthy,  stressfree life, doing things I love and enjoy, living at a beautiful place with sea view! 😀



2 thoughts on “Day 9…

  1. Yeah, they probably meant both. Well … that all sounds like a reasonable wish!

    In ten years, I too, will get pension … I’ll get it already in about five years. Won’t be much, but still I’d be able to live off it … there, not here.

    I don’t really want to think about it, where I am in ten years…


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