Day 11…

Yes still going on with this blog challenge lol. Today’s question; ” What am I looking forward this summer “.

Well, first of all I am looking forward when son is off his work cause that means vacation time for the both of us! Not that we are going anywhere lol, but just the fact that we do not have to get up early in the mornings and do not have to plan around his working times when we want to do something. So that will be nice.

I am also looking forward for some nice weather, as long as it doesn’t get too hot! Can’t stand hot weather… just makes me feel sick.

Looking forward to take more photos as I have been a bit lazy with my camera. It is more fun to take photos of the nature in summer. I mean all the colors!

Hopefully me and son will get invited to my older sister and her hubby’s summer place by the sea this summer! It’s just lovely out there!



4 thoughts on “Day 11…

  1. Yes, some time off the regular schedule is always nice! AND to be able to get out, without bundling up in warm coats and heavy boots … that’s something I really appreciate about the warm period.

    I’ll do more swimming, and taking pictures of little flowers 🙂

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    1. Sure is nice with some time off, and also to not have to use so many clothes!

      Can’t wait to see your flower pictures! 😀 I took some myself today with my smartphone. They were ok…. but not like YOuR photos, far from it!


    1. No it is not that often I get to visit her, a coupld of times at their summer place, in the summer.
      They used to live many years in next town, which is not far from where I live, and still I never visited their regular home there! The reason is cause they have a dog, and Timmy can not spend time inside as he gets asthma. He is fine when he meet dogs outside.
      My sister, her hubby and their dog moved to my smalltown last fall! 🙂 So not they are even closer!

      Oh I hear you, I too get bored with taking pics of the same things, and as I said, my town is so small so…. it’s hard to find something interesting that I haven’t already taken a photo of.


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