Day 13…

… is here and today’s question is ” My fave books ”

I like to read “easy light” books. I wouldn’t want to read a heavy, depressing book! I want to be entertained and relax when I read a book!

At the moment my fave authors are Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts and Lucy Dillon! I’m actually in the middle of this book right now!


It’s one of them books that I want to keep turning the page to see the next! Well for me it is. I guess it is all about the taste, for someone else this book might be too light lol.


9 thoughts on “Day 13…

    1. The first book I read was ” The ballroom class ” ( Tango för vilsna själar ) So this is my second book I read. I saw online that she has done several books that I am interested in! 😀


      1. Good! I’ll check her out! My library back home has a much greater selection of eBooks than the one here, so I’ve ended up reading a lot more in Swedish lately. It’s very relaxing *grin*

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      2. I honestly couldn’t read books in english… lol It would only frustrate me as I am sure there would come up some words here and there that I wouldn’t understand. I prefer to read in my own language. 🙂 And yes it is very relaxing 😀


      3. There will always be words you don’t recognize, and you’ll miss parts but on the other hand you’ll gain a lot of new words too. It’s very rare that I have to look a word up to understand the context.

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