Oh summer nights….

Last night I had a hard time to sleep. ( not unusual ) But then again, who want to miss out on these bright summer nights!? Just lovely….

I wish we could have these bright nights all year round, but as we all know that won’t happen lol, so I am really enjoying it as long as it lasts.


Officially summer

Well it is June so it is officially summer I guess, and another sign is that we had our first thunder storm for this season tonight. Can’t say that we have any summer temp here yet though, as it’s been rather chilly for the season lately but I am NOT really complaining as I am so not looking forward a heatwave…. ugh! I just want a nice, pleasant warm temp!

May went by really fast and I assume same thing will happen with June lol. Cause as I have said before… it seem like time goes faster and faster the older I get.

Been busy with painting and other creative stuff, but it seem like I am sitting a bit wrong when I do my painting. I have a problem with my back on and off last couple of weeks. I were getting better and this morning I had to do something stupid of course! To lift something a little heavy at the same time as I were kind of changing my position, ouch!! The pain’s been in the lumbar.

Been resting a lot today, but I am also trying to walk and do things so I won’t get stiff cause that is no good! Mom and son have helped me when I haven’t been able to bend in different situations so I am greatful for that!

Cause of the pain I haven’t been able to paint last couple of days and my fingers are itching to do something, but I just want to rest up a little more first.

Instead I have been watching more on tv and also been reading my book. Oh and watched tutorial videos on youtube! 🙂DSC03476