Officially summer

Well it is June so it is officially summer I guess, and another sign is that we had our first thunder storm for this season tonight. Can’t say that we have any summer temp here yet though, as it’s been rather chilly for the season lately but I am NOT really complaining as I am so not looking forward a heatwave…. ugh! I just want a nice, pleasant warm temp!

May went by really fast and I assume same thing will happen with June lol. Cause as I have said before… it seem like time goes faster and faster the older I get.

Been busy with painting and other creative stuff, but it seem like I am sitting a bit wrong when I do my painting. I have a problem with my back on and off last couple of weeks. I were getting better and this morning I had to do something stupid of course! To lift something a little heavy at the same time as I were kind of changing my position, ouch!! The pain’s been in the lumbar.

Been resting a lot today, but I am also trying to walk and do things so I won’t get stiff cause that is no good! Mom and son have helped me when I haven’t been able to bend in different situations so I am greatful for that!

Cause of the pain I haven’t been able to paint last couple of days and my fingers are itching to do something, but I just want to rest up a little more first.

Instead I have been watching more on tv and also been reading my book. Oh and watched tutorial videos on youtube! 🙂DSC03476


16 thoughts on “Officially summer

  1. I did that too! Moved a bunch of furniture. Some guys painted our ceilings in half the house and it still hurts in my hip. We have had rain here for weeks! So much we have flash flood warnings every day but it is going to go from cool to hot and muggy here I’m afraid.


    1. Oh I Am sorry about the pain…. Hope it goes away soon!

      Rain for weeks?! :O Wow!! We have a beautiful sunny morning – after the storm yesterday evening. Birds are chirping! Really wish and hope that you will get the same anytime soon!

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      1. Yes and the older you get the more ailments you get LOL

        I am feeling much better today thanks! Just feel a very little but I keep moving! I am just very careful when I have to bend down or lift something! 😉

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  2. It’s been cold and damp here … very few, really nice, days. I’m NOT complaining, but I guess I feel a little bad for all the ones who are into gardening.

    Yeah, with age, it feels like now we have to turn, all the wonderful gifts we’ve enjoyed, back in! I’m talking about the gifts of health, mobility and such. My neck has been bothering me for a long time, but I think it’s related to the old glasses. Had to hold my head in a certain angle to be able to watch TV, for example. These new ones are such a blessing.


    1. It’s been cold here lately as well, it was one day that was really nice and warm and then it’s been a bit cooler. I am not complaining either! 🙂

      I am so glad that you finally got yourself some great glasses! 🙂


    2. The glasses thing can just ruin your neck. I did that and my chair is too low where I work. It helps if I roll up a hand towel so that it makes an arch in my neck and stretch out in my back with neck stretched over it. Same with the lower back Mona only I use a small pillow. A doctor told me one time we are always pitched in forward motion so this kind of forces you to stretch the other way.

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      1. You make it into a roll. Just fold it over and roll it up then lay down and place it under your neck. It has to be big enough to stretch you neck when you place it under there.

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      2. I usually lie flat on a firm surface. I like the floor but a bed will work. Maybe the sofa if it’s more firm than your bed. It will straighten you out better if you are on a firmer surface.

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      3. Thanks for the tip! Haven’t had any pain for a while now, which is nice! And I hope it’ll take a while til next time…. Am trying to stretch my back more often and don’t sit still in the same position for too long as well!


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