Oh summer nights….

Last night I had a hard time to sleep. ( not unusual ) But then again, who want to miss out on these bright summer nights!? Just lovely….

I wish we could have these bright nights all year round, but as we all know that won’t happen lol, so I am really enjoying it as long as it lasts.


19 thoughts on “Oh summer nights….

  1. It’s a good thing you appreciate those white nights. I didn’t realize how much I loved them until I’d moved away. As you well know, my hometown is far north of you, so it’s even brighter. When I was home in 2013, I made a point of going out at night, taking pictures.

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      1. Yes now when I think about it, we have talked about it before. Memory is short sometimes LOL I used to think that Canada were way up north, very similar to where Sweden are… But boy were I wrong lol


    1. étant plus attiré par le salé, ce dessert est ma première exc©Ãrienpe, et je dois dire que c'est tout bonnement excellent ! je me joint donc à ma femme pour te remercier de ce partage, et je ne manquerais pas de tester tes autre recettes !MERCI =)


    1. LMAO. I had a middle school shop teacher whose medltowns and chew-outs were the stuff of local legend. Hard to imagine a more stressful job. Every man has his breaking point. Mr. Dillow has clearly reached his.


  2. I try to tolerate other pe&eplo#39;s showers, but when I was in France, it was so weird! There was no curtain, just a tub thing with a extendable shower head! :PWe dont have a lot of Indian restaurants here, either. I had couscous when I was in France, but I'm not sure if that's Indian. Hmm. We have Thai though!Hope you're having a wonderful time!


  3. Oh, GONE GIRL is so freaking fantastic, Rachel! I literally want to stand up and applaud after every. Single. Page. The wr20#ng&i8i3t; Holy hell. So good! Things are great around here… Hope all is well with you, too!


  4. &g;Tthe trick is to get the gals to sign a body part that you can put close enough to your eyes to read. Only yoga buffs have ask pretty girls to sign their legs, geez.


  5. Un très bon test, qui donne vraiment envie d’avoir un tel objectif dans son fourre-tout. J’aurais juste un suggestion a faire, dans ce type de test tu utilise un boitier que tout le monde ne peut malheureusement pas s’offrir. serait t’il possible d’avoir des tests avec le 1DX mais aussi par exemple avec le 550, 7D, 5D (pareil pour les jaunes )? comme ca toute la couverture de boitier est tester avec et on peux se faire une idée plus obEjctive.encore bravo pour le test.


  6. Hola soy psicologa ciudadana comunitaria de la U.E estoy interesada en trabajar en suiza, en cualquier tipo de trabajo cuidando niños, etc, pues no domino aun el idioma, tambien he trabajado como camarera o de limpieza..somos un matrimonio con 2 niños, mi marido es cheff, agradecerè cualquier informacion


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