And the summer goes on…

Had some heatwave for some days and am I glad we got a break now! Love the cool air coming into my appartment. It’s been like a sauna during the heatwave.

I’m ALMOST freezing now when I sit in my jamas. BUT, I love it!! If I would feel really cold I can always get dressed or put a robe on. But when it is hot/warm, there’s nothing much you can do to escape the heat.

Son has a vacation all July from his work. We got no plans. Just taking the day as it comes. That’s the way both him and me like it to be! 🙂

This summer we have seen hedgehogs almost every week! In the begining of the summer I saw a couple. Now I only see one hedgehog at a time, so I do not know which one it is lol. And this is the one I saw yesterday evening! So cute!