Learning a lot on youtube!

Am so glad that I found this woman on youtube! Cinnamon The artsherpa! Such a generous woman to share her knowledge and all for FREE too! Awesome!

She teaches out step by step acrylic painting tutorials. So easy to follow, and she is also great fun to watch and listen to LOL   I do not paint along with her as the video goes though, but I watch and listen carefully and then I give it a go!

I’m learning many things, and it’s such an inspiration! I really LOVE painting at the moment! 🙂

Here’s the 3 latest paintings I have done after her tutorials. And I am sure there will come more! She has several tutorials I haven’t seen yet and they keep coming!




July went by fast. Well last couple of years I have felt every month just flies by… Son was off work all July. I had dreaded a heatwave this summer, but it was only a few days in the begining of July and after that it’s been a lot of rain and much more cooler temps and I have loved it!! I just can not stand too hot weather. I do  feel sorry for those that work all year and look forward the vacation in July and they didn’t get much of a summer…

We ( son and me ) started off August with going to an event in our neighbor town. It was a party in the port with lots of activites. Like flyboard! It was really fun to see!

Weather were just perfect that day! Sunshine, some fluffy white clouds and a cool breeze! Now if most days were like that in the summer, that would be awesome! lol

So son were supposed to have gone back to his work yesterday, but he has come down with a cold. Started to feel it on Sunday, in his throat and so on. Today I woke up with a very hoarse voice lol. I do not have any pain in my throat or anything, just very hoarse and feel maybe a little bit drained in my body. Hopefully this will pass soon!

Haven’t been doing any art in almost a week? Just been tired and have been doing other things I guess. But I start to get that itch again that I want to do something soon, so I am sure some creativity will be going on here in a little while!