Learning a lot on youtube!

Am so glad that I found this woman on youtube! Cinnamon The artsherpa! Such a generous woman to share her knowledge and all for FREE too! Awesome!

She teaches out step by step acrylic painting tutorials. So easy to follow, and she is also great fun to watch and listen to LOL   I do not paint along with her as the video goes though, but I watch and listen carefully and then I give it a go!

I’m learning many things, and it’s such an inspiration! I really LOVE painting at the moment! 🙂

Here’s the 3 latest paintings I have done after her tutorials. And I am sure there will come more! She has several tutorials I haven’t seen yet and they keep coming!



6 thoughts on “Learning a lot on youtube!

  1. That is lovely, that you’ve found someone you can ‘work with’, so to speak … someone who fits your style. Always good to learn some techniques you can apply to your own work and go from there. It really shows in your paintings, they’re quite lovely. I particularly like the one with the umbrella.

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    1. Thank you Rebekah!

      Yes indeed, I love to learn new techniques! And even if I follow her tutorial, I do add some things on my own, things that she doesn’t have on the original painting. That is fun too, to make the painting a bit of my own.

      Well it will be my own anyway cause even if you follow her, it could never be 100% the same as hers! 🙂

      Yes the rain picture is one of my own faves I have done, so far. ( If I may say so myself lol )

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      1. Amnaizg issues here. I am very glad to see your post. Thanks a lot and I am looking ahead to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?


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