Well what do you know!

Last time I wrote it was September and now October hit us!

Once a year, the first Thursday in October, we have this one day market in our small town. It’s a great tradition! Even though if you don’t want to buy anything, it is nice to walk around and watch the stuff and it’s also a time when you can “bump into” some friends you haven’t seen for a while.

So this year the market came on October the 1st. Usually we get bad weather (rain) but this year we had decent weather so that was good. I did buy a few things, like socks, a cardigan and a few other things.

Last year I remembered they had this special tin can they were selling. I looked at it twice! I really liked it, but for some reason I did not buy it!? Did I regret that! Was I happy to see that they still had it this year! You bet I bought it right away when I found it LOL Now I am a happy camper! *big smile*

Might sound silly to be so happy for a tin can LOL But it is just something with this one. I just love it!


12 thoughts on “Well what do you know!

  1. That’s lovely, and I, for one, know exactly how you felt!!! Been there! I saw a bag — a tote bag, not a purse or anything — in a rather posh store in Keflavik, Reykjavik’s airport in 2011. It had mumintroll on it. It was so CUTE! But expensive beyond words! I held myself back [for once] and didn’t buy it and regretted it for one year. Next year … first store I visited after I’d smoked! It was there! Yay! 😀 It’s a great feeling.

    Those street fairs are always fun, especially when the weather is agreeable, and especially in small places!

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    1. I remember when you told me about that bag! And yes it sure is a great feeling! 😉

      I think since the fair only comes by once a year, it feels really special and yes during that one day, we see a LOT of people that comes from a lot of other places. One year it arrived a bus from Åland!!


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