May 2016

I know I have been MIA for some time! ooops! Just been so drained for a long time, due to health and sleepless nights…

When you are that drained it is hard to find something to write about! Hard to get the inspiration. Not only for writing but to sing and create as well!

I have been singing – but in no way the way I used to! Before I used to sing almost daily, now it is barely once a week. And I do create, but haven’t really been painting any big paintings, but just small cards or an art journal page.

Hopefully I won’t get anymore cold bugs for a long time! Been sick so often in the winter. Now I suffer from allergies – birch pollen. Weather have been great for about a week, so warm and hopefully it will help to get the birch to bloom over much faster! When the pollen is down to a low level I will start to be out more! I need sunshine I think to get me some energy back! And if I start to be out more, maybe I will get back to taking more photos as well!

Despite the pollen allergies, I love this time of the year, when everything gets green and flowers come up and most of all the bright nights!! Just love it!



5 thoughts on “May 2016

  1. I felt I got more to think about while I was working. Now, I have to make a point of jotting down slightest little idea I get for a blog post, as soon as I have it in my mind. I cannot think that I will remember it, because I know now I won’t. Especially now, this year, when I’m doing the post-a-day … otherwise I couldn’t do it. If I’m on the computer, I immediately write the idea as a draft post, otherwise I do it on the phone.

    Sometimes I think they who have niche-blogs have it easier … when they only blog about, say, food, cooking, travels, whatever … but I don’t have any such thing, because I don’t do anything LOL

    That’s a gorgeous silhouette photo!


    1. It’s a good idea to write down ideas, and that is something I can do about my art as well! Sometimes the best ideas come up in the evening when you are about to sleep lol, then it would be good to have paper and a pen by the bed!

      I think the art blog will be easier also cause then I can mostly show pictures of what I am doing!

      Thanks about the photo! Took it very EARLY I think it was the night between May 3rd and May 4th 🙂


  2. Isn't Carly amazing? It took my breath away when she wrote the names of my Thomas, Faith, and Grace. And it blessed me today to see sweet Carleigh's name in the sand. It's amazing to think of someone on the other side of the world writing your baby's name in the sand. Such a beautiful gift to give to a grieving mom's heart. It is a powerful thing to know that someone knows the name of your baby…to have them acknowledged. Love you…


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